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Dirección: Cruce de camino de felicidad y camino de Xingyu, Condado Felicidad, Distrito Gangzha, ciudad Nantong, provincia de Jiangsu, China
Teléfono:  +86-513-85187118
Fax:  +86-513-85192961



Nantong Millionaire Casket

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Nantong Millionaire Casket Company, formerly known as Nantong Millionaire Furniture Company, is the leading wooden casket and coffin manufacturer from China mainland. Our plant and facility locates in Nantong city of Jiangsu Province, which is about two hours driving north up Shanghai port and Shanghai Pudong international airport.
Top quality products comparable to or even better than your local made ones, but priced way more fair and competitve, is the key reason for our company to be successful in the casket manufacturing business. We offer an exquisitely crafted line of all kinds of solid wood caskets, veneer caskets, cremation caskets, rental caskets, orthodox caskets, infant and over-sized caskets, cloth covered caskets, wooden urns and European style coffins.
As a professional casket manufacturer, we offer flexibility in terms of wood species, finishes, interior materials, interior styles, head panel embroideries and customization of many other features.
We look forward to exceeding your expectation and developing a long term and mutually beneficial relation with you.
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